Sunday, February 11, 2007

Special Order Items

Welcome to our Baby Registry website. The items listed on this site cannot be found at Babies 'R' Us, Target, or any other national chain. Josh and I have chosen these items because they are made by small, independent businesses that make high-quality products. We feel it is important to support these businesses. Also, as in the case of the cloth diapers, these items are environmentally friendly. All of these items (even the diapers!) can be used for any subsequent children Josh and I have.

Cloth Diapers by Fuzzi Bunz: price varies by quantity
We are going to cloth diaper as much as possible. Diapers by Fuzzi Bunz have come highly recommended. We found the best pricing on new, regular Fuzzi Bunz here, at Wild Flower Diapers -
    Size: Small, 7-18 pounds
    Quantity: 12 total
    Color: no preference
      $17.95 each individually
      Fuzzi Bunz 6-pack 130.20 (free shipping)
      Fuzzi Bunz 12-pack $198.00 (free shipping)

There is also a Fuzzi Bunz Seconds Factory Clearance site where slightly irregular diapers can be purchased. We're totally fine with these, too! If you use this site, please order them WITH the inserts.
    Size: Small, 7-18 pounds
      $12.00 + $3.00 insert